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Rudan Junior Academy offers several co-curricular Activities to its students to enable them grow not just in their academic work and moral up-bringing but also in their social, physical and artistic growth. Some of these are the co-curricular activities we offer to our students.

Rudan Junior Academy Junior drama club

Junior Drama Club

Rudan Junior Academy prides itself of an active drama club with talented drama teachers and trainers. Students are able to take part in drama skits, poetry recitation, acting and participate in the annual Drama festival.



Musically talented students are able to join our active Music club with our well-trained teachers of Music. They also participate in the annual Music

Rudan swimming pool


Swimming allows students to stretch their muscles and build their strength. We have a swimming pool and hold swimming classes weekly which allow children learn how to swim, both on a professional and leisure level.

Rudan Junior Academy Junior Play Area

Junior Play Area

The little ones require safe areas to play and interact with each other which is why we have a whole junior play area allocated for this purpose. Our teachers watch over them as they play to ensure their safety and that they interact positively. The facility has toys and equipment that can help them have fun and learn as well.



Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that we teach students as a sport. Students learn it for leisure purposes but the best performers get to compete in tournaments.

Rudan Junior Academy Drama play (King Mswati)

Senior Drama Club

We impact our students with creativity of being seen on the big screens. We provide the skills of making a change in an all round individuals who become responsible citizens through plays. We believe through plays, we are able to convert every child to be a great individual in the society.
Rudan Academy at Jamhuri grounds


Football is what majority of boychild would love to play at their free time. We provide our students with skills to paly football during their free time everyday. We give them a chance show case their talents on the field.
800 m for upper category... RUDAN JUNIOR SCHOOLS at Public Service Club for sports day.


In every of our sports day, we give chance to our students to show case their talents they have in the field events like marathon races.
Rudan Junior Academy, Chase club

In-Door Games

Not only our perfect our students in the field events but also in door games. We give our students a chance to expand their minds capabilities through in door games like the chase games. This help them develop their minds interns of thinking and decision making.
Rudan Junior Academy tour

Nature Safari

We give our students a chance to have a tour out of class and have a chance to experience and learn how our environment appreciate the art of nature. This help our students drive out broodiness and appreciate being at school.
Cookery club

Cookery Club

Hospitality industry is a growing sector in the country and is a demanding field of career. We take this opportunity and give our students a chance to show their ability in this sector by creating a cookery club. This is one of our active clubs that has got highest member registration in the school.

Reading Club

Learning never stop. In our school, we have a team of members who created the reading club that has seen nationally in a reading competition. A very interesting club you would like your child to be a member at RUDAN JUNIOR ACADEMY.
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