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About Us

Rudan Junior Academy was started in 1991, as a tiny school on Ngong road at Santack Estate and latter expanded and moved to Lavington in 1998. The school was founded to provide quality education by the principal who worked in the Ministry of Education as a Principal Curriculum Development Officer. From here Rudan Junior Academy has grown to become one of the quiet giants in Nairobi’s Education Scene. The school has performed well over the years and in 2018’s KCPE results the school emerged as No. 2 in Nairobi. Out of the class, over 33% had over 400 marks and One of the students was position 5 country wide. Rudan Junior Academy aims to become the leading centre of excellence in Nairobi by providing a great education to students and parents that want real value for money.

Rudan Junior Academy Principle Mrs. Ruth Rukunga Nguchu


Rudan Junior Academy has grown to become one of the quiet giants in Nairobi’s Education Scene. Our school have been performing well over the years and in 2018’s KCPE results our school emerged as No. 2 in Nairobi. Our Vision is To be the leading centre of excellence for holistic child development. Learning program with after-school Positive learning environment Learning through play.


Award for Best School 2017

Rudan Junior Academy has been among the top performing schools in Nairobi County for the past recent years and received an award for the best school in 2017.
Rudan Junior Academy 2018 KCPE results jubilation
Rudan Junior Academy Complex

Great Facility at Rudan Junior Academy

We have conducive environment for students. Our institution complex divide into well organized study rooms are good for learners. The complex is divided from baby class up to class eight.

Writing and Reading Classes

With well coordinated programs for learners, we have time set aside for learners to participate in writing and drawing designs.
Rudan Junior Academy
Baby class

Individual Attention in Small Classes

Having well behaving students, our teachers are able to follow up on each and every individual student’s course work for better performance. This has helped us a lot in our great performance over the years.

Positive Learning Environment

A positive learning environment has a greater potential of a learner emerging a top performer in exams results. We have well arranged and conducive environment that favor learning for our students.
Rudan Junior Academy
Rudan Junior Academy, Grade 4 CBC

Opportunities to Scientific Experiments

We are a CBC a binding institution for the new curriculum. A learning program that enable students have an experience with real time practicals in the field. We give our students opportunity to interact with what they are learning in class room in the field so that they get exactly what the tutor is explaining for them.
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